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We build confidence

Company Profile

Fiducadia is an edu-tech start-up accessible through internet, Android and iOS Apps. We aim to help children who find difficultly in expressing themselves in examinations even if they may have understood the concepts.

All underprivileged children can get free access to all our features and those who can afford to pay are requested to 'pay as they like'. Your individual accounts will have the necessary billing amounts based on the assessments you take online.  

Fiducadia derives its origin from word Fiduciary meaning ‘relationship based on trust’ and Academia meaning ‘community with the pursuit of education’. We pursue education built on a relationship of trust. 

We stand for - Trustworthy, Independent and Unbiased Assessments. Since we are not affiliated with any education group and we do not sell education products, you will receive expert feedback best suited to your needs. 

We at Fiducadia understand students better as it is built by the students and is meant for the students. 

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